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Tilisma Reading Accessories

What bookish accessory do you not know what you did before them?

One of mine are the Tilisma book page holder! Y’all know I love my paperback books. They’re lighter, smaller, and let’s be honest, cheaper than hardbacks. Of all the pro’s to my lovely paperbacks, one big con was how they don’t lay flat and my small fingers start to hurt after a while!

Enter the Tilisma book page holder.

I first saw them when my good friend and fellow book blogger Ashley featured them on her Instagram! I immediately started checking them out, and Tilisma was kind enough to offer to send me some along with their gorgeous handmade wooden book mark/letter opener.

I knew as soon as I started using it the page holder would be an accessory I wouldn’t leave home without. I love how lightweight and compact it is – I throw it in my book sleeve with my book so I always have it with me!

Tilisma sent me the heart holder, and their classic wave looking style, and between the two I find myself using the wave style one more. It’s a little less bulky than the heart page holder.

I also love the feel of the wooden book mark. It has a very sophisticated and expensive feeling, which I think says a lot about the quality and craftsmanship! I haven’t used it to open any letters because it’s always in my book!

You can check out Tilisma Reading Accessories on AMAZON and don’t forget to like them on INSTAGRAM!

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