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Book Review: Science Night

Science Night by Julie Packett

I know I don’t post very many children’s books on here, but when Julie Packett approached me to see if I would like to read/review her new children’s book Science Night I read the synopsis and was immediately interested!

My daughter Caroline (8) and I read it together and it is SUCH a great upper elementary children’s book!! I feel like there is something for every child in here, and the characters are written so well and very easily relatable to kids reading it. I loved the dual POV and how the overall story, struggles, and language was very on par with her target audience.

Caroline is 8 years old and not a super strong reader, and it was a little much for her attention span, but this level book is just fine for a strong reader her age up to 5-6th grade.

Overall Science Night is such a fun, educational, and entertaining story for kids ages 8-11 and a perfect Christmas gift or stocking stuffer (check it out on Amazon)!


Thank you @jhpackett for gifted copy in exchange for honest review!


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